No More Blog Guilt. 

Keep your promise. Start your business blog. 

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Learn what you need to start a new blog
or revitalize your existing business blog.

No More Blog Guilt self-study course walks you through
the blogging process from start to finish.

Make an investment in the future of your business
Add a blog to your business. Get the help you need to
get your blog off to a solid start!

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Take your business to the next level.
Get these benefits from your business blog!

  • Feel like you are in charge of your business, making decisions that move you forward and not just reacting to problems
  • Have the confidence to offer new products and services to a community of people who love what you do and are ready to buy.
  • Know how to talk about your business, your products, and your services so that people ask questions and want to hear more.
  • Believe that you have something valuable to say that your
    customers and potential customers want to hear and helps
    make their lives better.
  • Have a simple process to market your business to people who need what you do and are waiting to hear from you.
  • You get all of these benefits from building a thriving business blog. The No More Blog Guilt course delivers the information you need to create and master this important business tool.
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Learn what you need to know.
Just the essentials with no tech talk!

  • How to choose blog post topics that your potential customers are waiting for you to write. 
  • How to write about your products and services so you leave people wanting to learn more about them.
  • How to organize your ideas so you can write and publish more blog posts in less time. 
  • Learn how to get great search engine results ranking (SEO) for each post from small tweaks that deliver results. 
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Get Answers To Your Questions.
You are never alone!

  • Get the answers to common blogging questions in the course video FAQ. 
  • Get inspired hearing how others are adding blogs to their businesses. Learn from their successes and challenges. 
  • Gain insights about how the pieces fit together through real-world blogging examples.
  • Purchase 30 minutes of personal one-on-one consulting with Charlene Kingston to talk about your blog and your blogging process. 
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Have Fun While You Learn.
Effective multi-media learning tools!

  • Short videos and demonstrations make it quick and easy to learn a spoonful of information at a time
  • Watch the course videos and learn on the go from most mobile devices.
  • Worksheets and checklists help organize your blog and customize the learning process.
  • Create a blogging notebook so you always have your blog information and resources at your fingertips.
  • Take the course at your own pace when you have time to learn.
  • Keep building on your blogging success with ongoing course access and videos you download to your computer. 
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Free bonus courses and tools.
Learn even more at no additional cost!

  • Everyone who registers for No More Blog Guilt gets the 5 course bonuses explained below.
  • The bonuses help you learn more about blogging and blog maintenance and take your skills to the next level.
  • Use them to grow as a blogger and build your confidence and audience even faster.
  • Weekly newsletter with blogging tips and ideas to keep your blog fresh and dynamic.
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No More Blog Guilt
Do-It-Yourself, Not Do It Alone




I’ll throw in the following bonuses and resources for FREE
so you get even more help starting your blog.

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Bonus Course

In the course, Blogging Basics, you learn why a blog is your best online business investment.

You get a checklist of success features every blog must have. You'll learn the #1 reason why blogs sputter out and how to avoid it. And get tips for how your blog makes you an expert in your field.

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Blog Success Checklist

Get my personal list of blog success features and practices that your readers want. These are small things that will set your blog apart from the pack in your industry.

This is the checklist I use to evaluate blogs for paying clients. I've never shared this checklist before. Use it to upgrade your own blog, and to evaluate other blogs in your industry.

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My Top Secret Blogging Tool

Get a video introduction to the one tool I always turn to for blog and social media support. I save hours each month by having this information at my fingertips.

You won't believe how easy it is to keep track of what's going on. And it delivers a constant stream of new blog post ideas available on demand.

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Organize Your Computer Files

As a blogger, you have more information to keep organized. I'll share with you my strategy for organizing my blog post files (including images) that you can borrow and adapt for your own unique challenges.

And not only your blogging files! I share with you how I organize all of the files on my computer. Never waste time searching for a missing file again.

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Do-It-Yourself, Not Do It Alone